Best plugin for Magento 2 : Address Validation by UPS

By | May 21, 2022
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best plugin for magento 2

The eCommerce platform has the best plugin for Magento 2 without a doubt and is one of the best ways to help your business expand faster because it allows you to contact a huge number of clients at once, but only if you use the correct IT expert services. Furthermore, e-commerce companies have been drawn to Magento from its inception because of its capacity to run a scalable and secure online store.

As a result of its complexity for merchants who are still new to this landscape and are experimenting with different ways to navigate it. Many market leaders, such as Coca-Cola, Ford, and others, have already adopted Magento 2 for their operations.

High delivery charges, on the other hand, are commonly acknowledged as one of the key reasons why customers abandon shopping carts. As a result, maximizing this component is critical for any eCommerce store.

Why Magento 2 is the best ?

Magento 2 only allows you to restrict shipping methods for select countries out of the box. The basic version of the platform does not allow you to change the default shipping rates and charges, offer free shipping, or use promotional rates.

We can’t deny that Magento 2 has demonstrated its long-term viability by handling e-commerce procedures at an extraordinarily high level of efficiency. Many merchants, however, are still trying to figure out “Why Choose Magento 2” for their next project. The response may differ depending on the needs and expectations of the users.

The custom Checkout Address Validation by UPS extension contributed to the Magento 2 Marketplace by EcomPlugins around the world allows marketers to increase their store’s capabilities. Many businesses are adopting Magento 2 for a variety of reasons. Apart from that, it has some built-in shipping options :

Reasons why Magento 2 is the best :

  • Free Shipping Sellers are responsible for all shipping costs. Free shipping for users.
  • Flat-rate shipping is set by the retailer regardless of the quantity of the item or other factors.
  • Table Price The price may be determined by the retailer using a price list based on product size, quantity, and variation. Please be sure to contact the transportation / logistics software development company.
  • Standard shipping company merchants can view standard shipping charges for private carriers based on their business model.
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL are one of the delivery providers supported by Magento.

Magento 2 Marketplace has hundreds of pre-built shipping extensions that you can use to implement any shipping method of your choice and automate the old process of handling dynamic shipping charges.

It cannot be denied that each business model has its own processing method and processing method. To differentiate your business from your competitors, ecomplugins has the most useful extension, UPS checkout address verification.

The UPS extensions not only have the above features, but are also significant. To better understand the main features of the extension, it is important to define some shipping-related terms. Before proceeding ahead- How to install magento2 extension, check out this blog and start your mission.

Let’s Discuss the Features Of Custom Shipping Extension In Magento 2 :

Checkout Address Validation with the aid of using UPS

This UPS module permits you to validate delivery addresses on the checkout page.

It can be auto-checked with the aid of using UPS Address API on the run time. If UPS does now no longer go back to something then it’ll default display the patron entered deal with for selection. Moreover, you must take a look at all screenshots to apprehend the glide of extension.

best plugin for magento 2

This UPS module will ship an entire patron deal with street, city, zip, nation and united states of america fields to UPS API. Based on all fields, UPS API will take alook at in its very own database and could go back to the counseled addresses. The admin could have the choice to permit or disable the module.

If enabled then handiest the deal with take a look at the API will call. Also, address validation API must enable for your live account to use this plugin. By default it is disable for all account. So you should contact to Ups support to enable it.

Compatible with Community Edition: 2.3.x, 2.4.x

best plugin for magento 2

Account & Pricing:

Also, You need to sign up for a free UPS services account to use that module. one has to enter your UPS username and password to make it work. The person can get all these api details from UPS. one needs to sign up and create an account on one does not need to pay additional fees except for the cost of shipping.


  • Frontend Demo:
  • Backend Demo: Login: admin / admin123


  • You can enable / disable module.
  • Address check by UPS API and show suggested address.
  • Update customer address on checkout page with selected address.
  • Option to show default customer entered address or not.

specialists in magento shipping extension

Why Choose Ecomplugins As Your Magento Partner?

Last but not the least, there are various reasons that confirm why ecomplugins is the best Magento extension development company. Make sure you are reading this section carefully!

  • Years of experience
  • Dedicated support
  • Standard and Qualified Codes
  • Robust Compatibility
  • Ease To Use
  • Quick Updates
  • Hassle-Free Installation

Custom Magento 2 – Checkout Address Validation by UPS in Recap!

How you deal with B2B businesses determines whether they are a burden or a boon. However, even though the platforms differ, a custom API can help bridge the gap. In addition, your store’s offerings can now scaleable to unprecedented levels.

We hope you like this article and have also understood the ways to manage shipping with a custom Magento2 – Checkout Address Validation by UPS Also, All magento version updates will be free lifetimes for this plugin. If you still face any issues then please contact us at [email protected].