Magento 2 Echo Global Shipping Carrier and How it works for shipping rates

By | March 9, 2023
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The Echo Global Shipping Carrier is a shipping carrier integration in Magento 2 that allows merchants to obtain shipping rates and create shipments for domestic and international shipments using Echo Global Logistics as their carrier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Echo Global Logistics provides access to their carrier services through an API. Magento 2 uses this API to connect to Echo Global Logistics and retrieve shipping rates for a specific package and destination.
  2. When a customer places an order on a Magento 2 store that has the Echo Global Shipping Carrier enabled, the shipping address and package details are sent to Echo Global Logistics via the API to obtain shipping rates.
  3. Echo Global Logistics calculates the shipping rates based on the weight, dimensions, origin, and destination of the package, as well as the shipping service selected by the customer (such as ground, air, or expedited).
  4. The shipping rates are returned to Magento 2, and the customer is presented with the available shipping options and their respective costs during the checkout process.
  5. Once the customer selects a shipping method, the shipping label is generated and the shipment is created with Echo Global Logistics. The tracking information is then sent back to Magento 2 and can be viewed by the merchant and the customer.
  6. The merchant can also manage and track their shipments directly from the Magento 2 admin panel.

In summary, the Echo Global Shipping Carrier integration in Magento 2 allows merchants to provide their customers with accurate and reliable shipping rates from Echo Global Logistics, as well as manage and track their shipments directly from the Magento 2 admin panel.