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Shipping modules refer to software components or extensions that integrate with e-commerce platforms or websites to facilitate the management and processing of shipping-related tasks. These modules are designed to streamline the shipping process, provide accurate shipping rates, generate shipping labels, and track shipments.

Magento 2 Ultimate Shipping Rules to manage shipping markup and rates

Creating a comprehensive shipping strategy in Magento 2 involves configuring shipping rules to manage shipping markup and rates effectively. Here’s how you can implement shipping rules to achieve this: Configure Shipping Methods: In your Magento 2 admin panel, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods. Enable the shipping methods you want to… Read More »

Magento 2 Peninsula Shipping carrier integration with rating

To integrate Peninsula Shipping carrier with rating in Magento 2, you would typically follow these steps: Register with Peninsula Shipping: First, sign up for an account with Peninsula Shipping if you haven’t already. They will provide you with the necessary credentials and API documentation. Install Extension: Look for a Magento 2 extension that supports Peninsula… Read More »

EchoTrak Shipping Carrier Vs GlobalTranz Shipping Carrier

EchoTrak and GlobalTranz are both logistics companies that provide shipping carrier services, but they operate differently and may offer distinct features and capabilities. Let’s compare them: EchoTrak: EchoTrak is a technology-driven transportation management system (TMS) offered by Echo Global Logistics. It provides users with visibility and control over their shipments through features such as real-time… Read More »

Which carrier is best between UPS vs FedEx with rates and on time delivery

Determining the “best” carrier between UPS and FedEx depends on various factors including your specific shipping needs, the destination of your shipments, package size, weight, and urgency of delivery. Both UPS and FedEx are reputable carriers with extensive domestic and international networks. Here’s a comparison of UPS and FedEx based on rates and on-time delivery:… Read More »

Magento 2 why we should pay every year subscription amount for plugins with updated versions

The practice of paying an annual subscription fee for plugins in Magento 2, or any other e-commerce platform, is tied to several factors that contribute to the ongoing development, maintenance, and support of these plugins. Here are some key reasons why paying a yearly subscription fee for plugins with updated versions makes sense: Ongoing Development… Read More »