Magento FedEx Freight Shipping with Auto Address validation and Liftgate

By | January 22, 2024
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Setting up Magento with FedEx Freight shipping, auto address validation, and liftgate services involves several steps. Below is a general guide to help you configure these features. Keep in mind that the specific steps might vary depending on your Magento version and the extensions you have installed. Make sure to consult the documentation for your specific Magento version and extensions.

  1. Enable FedEx Freight Shipping:
    • Ensure that you have the FedEx extension installed and configured in your Magento store.
    • Go to System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods.
    • Under “FedEx Freight,” enable the Freight option.
    • Configure your FedEx account credentials, including your FedEx account number, Client id, Secret key information.
  2. Auto Address Validation:
    • We have added address validation services either plugin is residential or commercial to save money.
    • You can also use checkout address validation tool for correct address before order in magento.
  3. Liftgate Services:
    • FedEx Freight provides liftgate services for shipments that require special handling due to their weight or size.
    • Contact FedEx to ensure that your account is set up to use liftgate services.
    • In your Magento admin, go to System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > FedEx Freight.
    • Check for any specific settings related to liftgate services within the FedEx configuration. This might involve enabling an option such as “Liftgate Delivery” or similar.
  4. Testing:
    • After configuring the settings, conduct thorough testing to ensure that FedEx Freight shipping, auto address validation, and liftgate services are working as expected.
    • Place test orders with different shipping addresses, including some that might trigger the liftgate service.
  5. Documentation and Support:
    • Refer to the documentation provided by the FedEx extension and any address validation extension you’re using.
    • Reach out to the extension developers or support teams if you encounter any issues or need clarification on specific settings.

Remember to back up your Magento store before making any significant changes, and always test new configurations in a staging environment before applying them to your live store. Additionally, keep your Magento installation and extensions up to date to benefit from the latest features and security patches.

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