Magento 2 Southeastern Freight Carrier

Magento 2 Southeastern Freight Carrier

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When Southeastern Freight Lines made its first delivery over 70 years ago, the mission of that driver was exactly the same as it is for each associate today: to meet or exceed the needs of every customer – every single time.

This module will calculate Shipping Via Southeastern Freight Carriers. Shipping rates will be displayed at checkout and the shopping cart page. Rates will be based on the seller warehouse address, a customer destination address, and shopping cart product weights. You should check all screenshots to understand the flow of the module. This is just an extension that uses the Southeastern Freight Carriers API.  It will use Southeastern Freight  services for fetch shipping rates based on customer address.

The admin can enable and disable liftgate service, inside delivery options. Admin can also quote based on address type if Residential or Commercial. Admin can add markup price with shipping quotes. Admin can set product level shipping class and extra weight of product which will apply to shipping quotes.

Compatible with Community Edition:  2.3.x, 2.4.x

Account & Pricing:

You need to manually signup for a free Southeastern Freight services account to use that extension. It will not create your account automatically. After the signup process, you will get API keys from  Southeastern Freight Freight   which needs to configured in Magento extension admin settings. 

Southeastern Freight Freight  Carriers API calling will be free. You have to pay only for shipment which you will create for customers to ship any package to their address.

Admin Features:

  • Enable and disable liftgate service.
  • Enable and disable Notify delivery and residential options.
  • You can set the minimum weight to show carrier rates.
  • You can set the product level, shipping class.
  • Add extra price markup in shipping cost based on rate total. It can be fixed cost or percent of the rate total.
  • You can show a custom error message to a customer if  Southeastern Freight shipping not able to calculate shipping rates


To use this module, seller have to to signup get username and password to fetch rates from API. These keys you have to update in shipping module setting in admin panel.

Frontend Demo:

Backend Demo
Login: admin / admin123


All magento version updates will be free lifetimes for this plugin. If you still face any issues then please contact us at [email protected]

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