Terms & Conditions

Last update: Nov 2, 2023

Your access to our website automatically grants your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions implicated by EcomPlugins in all and every matter related to designing, development, installation and circulation of contents. EcomPlugins operate in alliance of Indian legal framework and guideline for offering, acceptance or consideration of payment which is required to undertake your order or process as scheduled at formal discussions between EcomPlugins and Client. Clients are expected to respect the standards of service or product offered by EcomPlugins as we strictly abide by the laws governing the industry and prevailing in India. Few major clauses of our Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Cookies: To facilitate functionality of the website and enhance the ease of access of visitors, our website employee the use of cookies.

License: Until and unless stated otherwise, all contents, products and services available at our website are under the subjugation of intellectual property rights and none except EcomPlugins has the right to republish, sell, rent, reproduce, duplicate or copy contents from https://www.ecomplugins.com/.

User Comments: Certain segments of our website http://www.ecomplugins.com/ have the option of user comments. EcomPlugins never frames, edits or deletes user comments and neither does it holds any liability related to the veracity of the user comments.

Hyper linking: No individual, organization or agency can hyperlink to the contents of http://www.ecomplugins.com/ without prior approval from the organization.

Content Liability: EcomPlugins  never share customer information to any one. EcomPlugins holds limited or no liability related to the contents published on the Website(s) of Client(s).

Version Updates / Upgrades: Based on Magento market requirements, We are changing our plugin terms and conditions. From now, every plugin support will be free for 3 months from purchase date. We will update and provide you all extension updates for free to 1 year with all magento or php version upgrades. Later if you need to update the plugin to the latest version then you have to pay a small amount like 99 $ for next 1 year support.  We will not auto charge your account. You have to pay manually to renew to download new version.