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Magento 2 - Checkout Address Validation by USPS

Magento 2 - Checkout Address Validation by USPS

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Please Note: This extension was not created by the USPS Carriers company. Ecomplugins have built this extension to facilitate a quick Address API integration with USPS Carriers.  This is downloadable Magento 2 extension which needs to buy once.

This USPS module enables you to validate shipping addresses at the checkout page.  It will be auto-checked by USPS Address API at the run time. If USPS does not return anything then it will default show customer entered address for selection.  You should check all screenshots to understanding the flow of extension.  

This USPS module will send a complete customer address with street, city, zip, state and country fields to USPS API. Based on all fields, USPS API will check in its own database and will return the suggested addresses. The admin will have the option to enable or disable the module.  If enabled then only the address check API will call. 

Address validation API  must be enabled for your live account to use this plugin. By default it is disabled for all account. So you should contact to Usps support to enable it. 

Compatible with Community Edition:  2.3.x, 2.4.x

USPS Rest API 3.0 with OAuth 2.0 Support Added. You have to signup with https://developer.usps.com/home and generate API Keys.

Account & Pricing:

You need to sign up for a free USPS API account to use that module. You have to enter USPS key, password, username to make it work. You can get all these api details from USPS. You need to signup and create account on usps.com  No additional fees are required except for the cost of shipping. 


  • You can enable / disable module.
  • Address check by USPS API and show suggested address.
  • Update customer address on checkout page with selected address.
  • Option to show default customer entered address or not.
  • Show address verification either below shipping address form or popup in case of guest checkout.
  • Skip Address verification if address already verified once.
  • Customer have to select suggested address from popup before move to next step.
  • USPS Rest API Feature added with Oauth 2.0.
  • Access token caching to avoid duplicate requests.
  • Customer address book validation for new / edit address from my account section.
  • One step checkout support added with many custom marketplace plugins.


If you still face any issues with installation or configuration of this plugin then please contact us at [email protected].  


  • Frontend Demo:  https://magento2.ecomplugins.com
  • Backend Demo: https://magento2.ecomplugins.com/admin/

             Login: admin / admin123

Address validation plugin working great for our website www.andragroup.com. Recommended to all to save shipping cost with the wrong address.

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