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Magento 2 Fraud Detector via Maxmind API

Magento 2 Fraud Detector via Maxmind API

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Please Note: This extension was not created by the MaxMind company. Ecomplugins have built this extension to facilitate a quick Fraud Detector integration with MaxMind.   This is downloadable Magento 2 extension which needs to buy once.

MaxMind provides IP intelligence through the GeoIP brand. Over 5,000 companies use GeoIP data to locate their Internet visitors and show them relevant content and ads, perform analytics, enforce digital rights, and efficiently route Internet traffic. Businesses can obtain additional insights into their customers' connection speeds, ISPs, and more using GeoIP data. MaxMind's industry-leading minFraud API helps businesses prevent fraudulent online transactions and reduce manual review. The minFraud API is used to screen over 175 million e-commerce transactions and account registrations a month. Over 7,000 e-commerce and other online businesses benefit from the minFraud API through our client and partner networks.

This Fraud Detector module enables you to check fraud scores for all orders based on customer IP address and shipping or billing address. Fraud detection score results will be updated in the order details page. You can add an exception IP address and email address to ignore orders. Check screenshots for more details.

Fraud Detector will  call MaxMind API to get all information about fraud score and will show an order page with a new tab on the left side. Based on the high score, You can also send an email to the customer about confirming for fraud order. You have the option to add attachment to send customers with email.

You can manage email templates from admin and change content according to your requirements. One order request will be sent once to MaxMind API and saved in the database.

Maxmind New API Version supported.

Compatible with Community Edition: 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Account & Pricing:

You need to sign up for a  https://www.maxmind.com/ to use that module. You have to enter license key make it work.  If you will be latest API then you will have to enter Account ID too.

Admin Features:

  • Enter license key for your account to enable the plugin.
  • You can check existing balance to use MaxMind API.
  • You can send email to customer for order confirmation.
  • You can check fraud score in sales order grid page.
  • Order status will on hold if fraud score threshold match.
  •  You can enter IP and email address exception to ignore security check for orders.
  • You can check fraud score in details in order page with new tab “Fraud Detection”



If you still face any issues then please contact us at [email protected].

Demo Backend: https://magento2.ecomplugins.com/admin/
Login: admin / admin123

Excellent. Easy integration with Magento 2. After installation of this plugin, we are able to track all fraud credit card orders. Saving lots of money.


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